Esparas una esposa (You Wait for a Wife)

We met and we moved as the template
But you learned of my ill before you ever pushed in
You meant it when you said you knew, "saw the spirit"
So I let you play, well, wherever you please

But when we bathe and when you guess around my hair
Dirty fault comes out of its well and it moves in
I know they built the Tabernacle in just one birthin year
But if your body's a temple, mine is a ruin

I catch my self cryin under your gaze
I don't blame it on you, not even a thing
But when you stain my glass, there's nowhere safe for you to claim
It's ok, my lyin eyes won't show their truths on tapes

If this is me pure, and I know you're enterin clean
Then why does my body, sting and pound me with rife?
'Cause our Lord knows it sure, my fauna ain't right
And how I don't want to keep you waitin for a wife

Lord knows it sure
I'm a sample
A grain in a field
And my … I feel
I always feel
You waitin for a wife